Ytstetinden, Remmemstinden and Båten from Vik
Ytstetinden  Remmemstinden  Båten


Estimated net time 7-8 hours
Difficulty No difficulties, but there are some short sections of relatively steep boulder.
Drinking water There is running water from the stream you cross at the lowest point between Ytstetinden and Remmemstinden.
When walking the lower sections between Remmemstinden and Båten you cross three streams that have good running water.
GSM coverage Coverage throughout the route (September 2009).
Parking Room for to cars at the small car park on the left hand side of the road (the side closest to the fjord). They are probably building a larger car park on the other side of the road (September 2009).
Start height 59 metres
Vertical metres 1620 metres for the roundtrip.
Trip distance 14.2 km
GPS-file X
Route photo  Car park and trail head seen from Vikaksla.
  Start hike by passing through wooden gate, cross the stream, and turn left.
  The route from Liahornet to Ytstetinden.
  The route down the south slopes of Ytstetinden.
  The route up Remmemstinden's south-west slopes.
The route down west from Remmemstinden.
The route around Litlehornet.


Assume your starting point is Ålesund. Drive road E39 east, and turn left onto road 661 towards Vatne and Brattvåg. When you get to the T-junction where road 659 and 661 intersect at Eidet, turn right towards Vatne. Drive 2.2 km until you get to where road 661 turns left, in Vatne centre. Do not continue on road 661, but instead go straight ahead, driving 15.5 km until you re-join road 661 by Fiksdal. Turn right here, onto road 661, and drive 6.5 km to the apex of the Tomrefjorden fjord. From the small bridge across the river draining into the fjord at the apex (not the small bridge a little before the apex) measure 5.2 km along the east shores of the fjord. You will now have a small car park (for two cars) on your left hand side. Park here. Note: per September 2009 it seems they are building a larger car park on the right hand side of the road, which should be used if possible.

Locate a wooden gate a few metres from road 661 on the right hand side of the road, cross this gate and the small stream immediately after the gate. The path makes a sharp left after the stream, and will bring you south/south-east up to Vikaksla, where you find a registration book. From here continue on the path south to Liahornet, where there is a proper cairn.

From Liahornet turn left and head east. After approximately 250 metres the path forks, with the left leg heading up towards the east side of the Båten plateau, and the right leg will take you towards the saddle between Båten and Ytstetinden. This path is not as well defined as the one running up to Båten, and around the saddle it fades away. From around the saddle head south and aim for the north-western slopes of Ytstetinden. Before you get to the steep north-western slopes of Ytstetinden you should get onto the centre of the tongue that comes down from Ytstetinden towards north-west, and then take on the steep boulder directly towards the big cairn at the summit.

From Ytstetinden summit head south-east, i.e. just continue straight across Ytstetinden, and find your best route down the south slopes of Ytstetinden. You should make sure you stay right (south) of the rock formations on Ytstetinden's south-east slopes. When you get down to the bottom of this steep section turn left, and head first east and later north-east up the south-western slopes of Remmemstinden. There is no path so you have to find your best route in relatively easy terrain. Towards the summit of Remmemstinden the ground is covered with stable scree, which makes walking very easy.

From Remmemstinden summit head left (west) and descend into the saddle between Remmemstinden and Ytstetinden. There is a vague path down here. From the saddle traverse around Litletinden, making sure you don't loose much altitude. When you get around to the north of Litletinden descend north-west where most suitable, and then aim directly for Båten. You will find a vague path here, and some red paint on some stones. When you get to the small lake at 674 metres a little before the south-east slopes of Båten stay right of the lake, and then head directly up to Båten. Continue west across the Båten summit plateau to the summit. There is no cairn at the actual summit, but several cairns scattered around the summit.

From Båten summit head south, and you will soon hit a good path. Turn right (south-west) onto this path, and follow this path to Liahornet. By the cairn at Liahornet turn right, and follow this path back to Vikaksla and then back to your car.



19. September 2009

The weather forecast for this Saturday was promising so I decided to plan for a hike across Ytstetinden and Remmemstinden, with Båten as an obvious bonus. And when waking up Saturday morning and looking out the window I could see that the predictors had got it right this time. After a quick breakfast and the final packing of my gear I was on my way around 07:30.

When I got to the trail head at Vik I could see some very light fog in some of the valleys but as it was now it was nothing to worry about. In general I couldn't see any reason to worry about anything on this fine morning, with the prospect of some first class mountains to be explored.

At the first of several registration books along this route, at Vikaksla, I was a bit surprised to see that someone had signed the book before me this morning, but his comment that he was out hunting made it more understanding that he had had an early start. When I got to the saddle between Båten and Ytstetinden I could see a man ascending Båten from east and I assume this was the hunter, but I never heard any shots being fired. As I started the final ascent to Ytstetinden the fog started to build up a bit, and my thoughts obviously became something like "2009 seems to be the year of the fog for me". But I decided to stop thinking about the fog, and focus on enjoying whatever conditions I got presented.

At Ytstetinden I climbed onto the top of the big cairn, and from here I took a lot of photos. From the summit I headed north-east in order to have a closer look at the possibilities to descend down to Litletinden, but I soon abandoned this idea, and instead headed south and south-east in order to descend Ytstetinden on its south-east slopes. A synergy of doing this route was that I found running water, which I by now realised was going to be needed if the hike was going to be a comfortable one.

The ascent of Remmemstinden's  south-west slopes was much easier than anticipated, and soon I found myself at the summit. By now the fog was getting much more of an issue, and it even crossed my mind once or twice that it might become an issue to navigate. But I decided to keep going, and if it got really bad I would have to turn around and back-track based on my GPS-tracks. Also at Remmemstinden I had a little de-tour before finding the best place to descend. When the route down to the saddle between Remmemstinden and Ytstetinden was found I decided to not loose any altitude around Litletinden, and this worked out well. From north of Litletinden I descended down towards the small lakes, and here I also found more running water and a path. When I crossed the first stream I decided to have a rest and eat my sandwiches. I also took the opportunity to take off my boots and cool my feet in the coldish water. Well deserved, I though.

After my rest I headed directly from Båten, from where I had planned to take some photos of the mountains I had just visited. Unfortunately they were for most covered in fog, so instead I took some interesting photos of my own shadow down on the fog on the north side of Båten. I've experienced this effect once before, together with Stig at Hildrehesten, but at that time I didn't have a camera at hand.

From Båten I headed down, and by the time I got down to Vikaksla the fog seemed to disappear. Also, down here, I met three (1+2) other hikers, who were probably out on their regular exercise. Back at the car I changed into dry clean clothes before driving to Tomrefjord for the usual treat in form of a chocolate and a Coke. When I got around to the west side of the fjord I stopped a couple of places to take photos of the mountains I had visited, which were now clear of the fog.

Photos 19.09.2009